The enchantment that Geetu brought to my show at the Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 showcase, truly left the audience enthralled. Her selection of contemporary folk tunes were in absolute harmony with the collection being showcased. She and her team created magic with a melodious composition, matched with beautiful soft vocals – a soothing delight for the audience. It was a pleasure having Geetu on board, and I do look forward to collaborating with her very soon again.

Anita Dongre - Fashion Designer

Geetu Hinduja is a different artist from most of the artists I meet daily. Running the largest Non Film/Indie Label in the region and the world’s premier music business in the region I can honestly tell you I meet and hear many voices on a daily basis.

Geetu stands out for many reasons. Her voice is hypnotic and comes from a place that to me seems to be laced with joy, grief and ecstasy, all at the same time and that’s not something you hear everyday. Her music is about real things that normal people can identify with and that makes for easy listening. As a performer she is brilliant and a joy to watch as its rare to see a woman singer, songwriter and composer all rolled into one and that to me is her greatest strength and is usually surrounded by some really talented musicians that enhances the end result of her performance.

I have seen her sing in a room surrounded by the most stellar musicians in the country and at the end of her song burst into applause coming from deep in their hearts. Respect is a tough thing to command and she gets that from whoever she sings to.

I have the privilege of calling her my buddy and I watch her grow from strength to strength musically every passing day.

Devraj Sanyal - Managing Director, Universal Music Group South Asia & EMI Music South Asia

Geetu,   Hair, lovely grey
               Smile open and friendly,
               It may be the first time you meet her or hundredth.
               She is as warm as ever.

All this is reflected in her music, in her voice, in the rendering of words with softness.

Her involvement with music is very deep and profound. One can see it in her presentation, in the gesture and the choice of songs she sings.

This is Geetu, a singer who makes friends through music.

Neela Bhagwat - Indian Classical Vocalist, Gwalior Gharana

In the 25 odd years I have known Geetu I have witnessed a profound transformation in her work as a composer, songwriter, instrumentalist and performer.

In spite of personal challenges along the way, she has continually fought for her music and has developed her own unique voice and vision in the process.

Refusing to imitate popular trends or bow to commercial pressure, Geetu has remained true to her own experience – and converted that into songs that ring true with sincerity and power.

She has become a role model to a growing community of fans and listeners who find strength and inspiration in her songs and presence.

Geetu is an artist who deserves far more recognition for her mighty achievements. We expect much more empowering music from this talented artist.

D. Wood - Multi Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer and Educator

A soulful voice, that touches the heart and reaches out to the audience, Geetu you were wonderful in our JadhavGADH Music festival. Look forward to hearing a lot more of you. Thank you for supporting Genesis Foundation.

Prema Sagar - Founder Trustee at Genesis Foundation

I have known Geetu for many years now, first as a gallerist and then as a friend. It was only later I discovered what a gifted and talented musician she is. I first heard her sing at the David Sasoon Library in 2001. I would thereafter not miss any opportunity to attend her concerts.

Recently I was most touched by her spontaneous generosity in accepting to sing at Melange for a Satyajit Ray show. She surprised everyone present by singing a rendition of a Bengali song, dressed in a stunning saree. She was quite an aesthetic delight.

Somehow to my mind the term that describes her best is ‘The Pop Saree Queen’.

Sangita Sinh Kathiwada - Proprieter, Melange